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'G' Branch

Mission and Vision

G-Branch's main objectives is to look after the promotion of Medium & large Industries. For this purpose the work is held by Industries Commissioner & Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation. Especially for balanced, planned, decentralized development and rapid Industrial growth, in 1962 the Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation was established. After the Establishment of GIDC, Gujarat achieved a rapid industrial growth.

Work Details

  1. Matters related to
    1. Electronics Quality & Development Centre
    2. Gujarat Communication & Electronics Ltd., Vadodara (In liquidation)
    3. Alcock Ashdown (Gujarat) Limited., Bhavnagar.
    4. Central Institute for Glass & ceramic Research (CGCRI)
    5. National Productivity Council
    6. Gujarat Industrial Research & Development Agency (GIRDA)
    7. Electrical Research & Development Association, (ERDA),
  2. Water necessity for Industries
  3. Industrial Pollution (CETP)
  4. Industrial Unres
  5. Industrial Design & Research
  6. Matters relating Development of Ports for Industrial Development
  7. Establishment of Special Economic Zones in the State & SEZ Policy.
  8. All Matters relating to Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation.
  9. Matters relating to Industrial Estates of GIDC
  10. Matters relating to Notified Industrial Area.
  11. Imposing of Consolidated tax in notified industrial areas of GIDC.
  12. Matters relating to GIDC Act & GIDC Staff Regulation
  13. Industrial Environment.
  14. Matters relating to Gujarat Industrial Security Force Society.

Details of The Scheme

  1. Special Economic Zone Act,2004.
    SEZ Act - Gujarat Act no 11 of 2004: 30th March,2004
  2. Notification dated 15-5-2004.
    SEZ Act - Notification Vol. XLV: 15th May,2004.
  3. Industrial Disputes (Gujarat Amendment)ACT,2004.
    Industiral Dispute (Gujarat Amendment)Act,2004: 30th March,2004.
  4. SEZ Rules,2005.
    SEZ Act - Notification Vol. XLVI
  5. Schemes for Assistance to CETP.
    No.CET-102000-4216-G., dated 22-7-2004.
  6. Schemes for Assistance to CETP.
    No.CET-102000-4216(1)-G., dated 17-2-2004.
    Corrigendum No.CET-102000-4216(1)-G., dated 17-2-2005.

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